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    Tippi Hedren and family living with a pride of lions.

    excuse me u have a lion in ur house

    excuse me there is a lion chewing on your childs head that’s not a good thing

    where can i buy these dogs

    it’s been a year and people still be messaging me saying these aren’t dogs

    its been a whole year since anyone fucking messaged me explaining what a dog is.

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  2. Love is your old t-shirt laying on your floor, knowing that the last person wearing it, wore it the best.

    Love is the waves that crash the shore and the most perfect time, letting you know that its okay to dive in the water.

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    Someone managed to break the codes of the Zodiac Killer

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    What the fuck

    why you can’t overlap portals

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    Love In The Afternoon (Eric Rohmer, 1972)

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    "i don’t love him but he’s here and you aren’t"

    Still my favorite post in the world

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  10. "Nothing kills you like your mind"
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